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Udi’s Chocolate Chip Muffins


Those lovely people from Udi’s have very kindly sent Amelie’s Larder a lot of deli­cious delights to sample. The whole fam­ily were very excited when the hamper arrived, as the lid was lif­ted off our eyes hun­grily searched the treas­ure, what golden nug­gets were we going to discover…muffins! Oh dear, my heart sank.

You see Amelie and her rela­tion­ship with either brownies or muffins go way back. When Amelie was first dia­gnosed friends and fam­ily would always buy either brownies or muffins, as these were the most read­ily avail­able treat at the time.

Unfortunately,through no fault of our friends, the muffins and brownies were also incred­ibly hard, taste­less and a little on the dry side. Hence Amelie’s dis­like of either brownies or muffins.

I need­n’t of wor­ried though as Amelie went straight for the Aged Cheddar crisps and Billy picked out the jalapeño fla­voured crisps! I sug­ges­ted they tried the ched­dar crisps first as the jalapeño might be a little on the hot side. They duly agreed and pro­ceeded to open the packet and sample the crisps. I think we can safely say they were a huge suc­cess, just the right amount of ched­dar and a great crunch. What I also liked about these crisps are they keep really well, as long as you seal them securely they keep their crunch and fla­vour for a couple of days after opening.

I, on the other hand, had taken out the muffins for a closer inspec­tion. As I pro­ceeded to take a muffin out of it’s wrap­per I was pleas­antly sur­prised by how moist it felt. This was a great selling point for Amelie and helped to con­vince her to give the muffin a try. As I watched her take her first bite I was pre­par­ing myself for the usual groan of dis­ap­point­ment. But it never came. Amelie’s face lit up into a huge smile and said ” They are good. REALLY GOOD!” Wow, I was speech­less, yet quick enough to break of some for myself before it all dis­ap­peared. I had to agree, they were good,really moist with lots of tasty chocol­ate chips .

Amelie’s Larder would like to say ” Thank-you” to Udi’s for show­ing Amelie that GF does not mean taste­less and put­ting a huge smile on her face.


(Full review to follow)

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