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Afternoon Tea for Coeliac Awareness Month


As you may or may not be aware May is Coeliac Awareness month, so to help raise aware­ness, Amelie’s Larder will be hav­ing an Afternoon Tea for chil­dren with Coeliac Disease. The loc­a­tion and date to be set ( very soon) but it will be in Bristol. If you know of any­one that would be inter­ested in com­ing along please let them know. They can get in touch by email or via our Amelie’s Larder FB page.

Gluten Free – How hard can it be?!


When Amélie was first dia­gnosed it all seemed fairly straight for­ward, just fol­low a glu­ten free diet, great, how hard could that be?! Oh dear, were we in for a shock! Shopping was no longer just buy­ing your usual ingredi­ents with a few treats now and then, oh no, shop­ping now entailed first, find­ing the Free-from aisle, which believe me in some shops is not as easy at it sounds. Secondly, read­ing the ingredi­ents list, whether it says Gluten Free or not (you can never be too care­ful) and lastly, will Amélie actu­ally like it!

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