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Top Ten Gluten Free Camping Essentials


Amélie’s Larder loves camp­ing. In the sum­mer hol­i­days, come rain or shine, you will find us firmly entrenched in a field. As you can ima­gine try­ing to avoid cross-contamination in a tent is very dif­fi­cult, everything is closer together and stor­age space is lim­ited. But finally, after four years of trial and error, we have pro­duced a prac­tical and robust list of essen­tials for provid­ing a GF camp­ing environment.

  1. Chopping Boards: Keep to the code! Green chop­ping boards for glu­ten free and red chop­ping boards for foods con­tain­ing glu­ten. Cross-contamination is even more of a threat in a windy field!( for more info see cross-contamination)
  2. Tea-Towels: Again, red for glu­ten and black and white for glu­ten free ( just as it is at home). I make sure that each tea-towel is on/in the appro­pri­ate food cup­board so areas can eas­ily be identified.IMGP3618
  3. Food Cupboards: We have two food cup­boards so glu­ten free and glu­ten foods can be stored sep­ar­ately. They also have their own work sur­face so food can be pre­pared sep­ar­ately as well.
  4. Grill: This year we finally bought a new stove with a grill and quite frankly the abil­ity to make toast was a life-saver! Also broadens your menu that little bit more.
  5. Tin-Foil: Brilliant for using on the grill pan, espe­cially when mak­ing toast.
  6. Wet-Wipes: I can­not live without them, great for wip­ing away unwanted crumbs. Billy auto­mat­ic­ally wipes his hands now whenever he has touched a product with glu­ten in it.
  7. Oil Tablecloth:  Most camp­ing tables have grooves in them, just right for col­lect­ing lots of unwanted crumbs. So, I decided to place an oil cloth over the table, crumbs are now very eas­ily wiped away and unwanted spillages are quickly wiped up.IMGP3619
  8. Labels: I label all of Amélie’s food which pre­vents products acci­dent­ally becom­ing con­tam­in­ated and helps every­one in the tent to stay safe.
  9. Flour: I refuse to take a set of scales camp­ing , so I pre-prepared 4x 200g of gf plain flour and placed in sep­ar­ate bags. All I had to do in the tent was add milk and eggs for gf pan­cakes.( Amélie & Billy’s favourite)
  10. Measuring Jug: This is an essen­tial item, espe­cially for get­ting the right mix for the pan­cakes.( for more info see Tips)

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