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When cook­ing a glu­ten free meal always remem­ber the rule: No wheat, no bar­ley, no rye and no oats. Make sure you have read the sec­tion on Cross Contamination and then look though the Meal Ideas below to cook up a glu­ten free feast!


  • Eggs: Fried / boiled
  • Beans: Heinz / Branston
  • Chips: Tesco Thin and Crispy / Crinkle Cut
  • Sausages: See my review
  • Fish-fingers: Young’s / Tesco ‘Free From’
  • Pasta: Sainsbury’s / Tesco ‘Free From’ fusilli or penne

Meal Ideas

  • Egg, beans and chips
  • Jacket pota­toes, beans and cheese
  • Sausage, mash and beans/broccoli
  • Cheese omelette/ham and cheese omelette
  • Fish-fingers, mash and broccoli
  • Fish-fingers, chips and beans
  • Pasta, pesto and bacon

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