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Feeling safe in your home envir­on­ment is a must. In order to achieve this kit­chen organ­isa­tion and routine is essen­tial. Just fol­low the guidelines below to a health­ier and hap­pier kitchen.

  1. Empty the con­tents of your kit­chen cup­boards onto the worktops.
  2. Sort through, divid­ing them into two groups: products con­tain­ing Gluten and Gluten-free. 

    Some of my gluten-free equipment

    Some of my gluten-free equipment

  3. Clean out all your cup­boards, thoroughly.
  4. Decide on most appro­pri­ate places to store all your Gluten and Gluten-free products (A com­pletely sep­ar­ate cup­board and work sur­face for all Gluten con­tain­ing products is ideal but not always pos­sible. For more info see Cross Contamination).
  5. Clean down each item before repla­cing back into the des­ig­nated area.
  6. Deep clean all remain­ing appli­ances i.e. sur­faces, cook­ers and fridges (Repeat steps 1 – 5 for the fridge).
  7. Finally, clean the floor.

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