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This ‘Gluten Free Survival Kit’ provides key inform­a­tion and help­ful tips to ensure a safe, glu­ten free envir­on­ment at home, in school and eat­ing out.

  • Getting Started

    Feeling safe in your home envir­on­ment is a must. In order to achieve this kit­chen organ­isa­tion and routine is essential.

  • Cross Contamination

    At home or eat­ing out this is a ser­i­ous con­cern for people with Coeliac Disease. By fol­low­ing a few simple pro­ced­ures life can be made a little bit easier.

  • School

    Inform, inform, inform! Please do not assume that schools under­stand Coeliac Disease. We must be pre­pared to help develop their under­stand­ing as well.

  • Back For Tea

    Guidelines for thought­ful par­ents who would like to cook for friends and guests with Coeliac Disease.

  • Meal Ideas

    These meal ideas will help you to cook up a glu­ten free feast!

  • Coeliac Links

    Anything and everything I find use­ful, help­ful and inspiring.

  • Tips

    For all those little niggles you jut don’t seem to find the answer for.


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